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Magnum gives your business A-Z solutions. We analyze your business, then tailor make solutions that enhance efficiency, increase productivity and bring about a new phase of digital-driven profitability. All this to help you Go Digital as you concentrate on your core business.

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Technology has revolutionalized the way we access goods and services, from shopping to printing the latest selfie you took; check out our personal services


Magnum channels a percentage of its profits to philanthropy in Kenya. We focus on encouraging the use of Information Technology to transform lives. In particular, Magnum philanthropy is keen to encourage the uptake of computer science and coding in schools and uptake of technology in traditional industries such as farming.

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Challenges of pharmacy management in Kenya

4 Challenges of Managing an Individual Pharmacy in Kenya

Challenge 1: Attracting new patients Your current customers already know the services you provide, but it can be a challenge to get new ones. Luckily, there are many things you can do to find new patients and encourage them to visit your pharmacy. Here are some suggestions: Provide exceptional customer service. Top-notch customer service is what makes your […]

Empty Shelves due to Poor Stock Management

How Poor Stock Management is Killing your Business !

Having a Business in Kenya can be a great money making venture. However poor stock management can see the down fall of your business. Losses can occur from theft by staff, poor stock management, poor pricing or through expired or out of market products. Being able to reduce even a few of these factors can […]

pharmacy inventory control using technology

Pharmacy Inventory Control Using Technology

Pharmacy Inventory Control is key for pharmacists. Everyday, new drugs and their brand variants are introduced to the market. Pharmacists have to adapt new methods to ensure that whatever they stock is up to date and safe. An effective inventory control strategy  is centered around the use of technology and curtails significant stock loss. 1. […]

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