Challenges of pharmacy management in Kenya

4 Challenges of Managing an Individual Pharmacy in Kenya

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Challenge 1: Attracting new patients

Your current customers already know the services you provide, but it can be a challenge to get new ones. Luckily, there are many things you can do to find new patients and encourage them to visit your pharmacy. Here are some suggestions:

  • Provide exceptional customer service. Top-notch customer service is what makes your pharmacy stand out, so make sure that new customers experience only the best.
  • Offer in-demand patient care services. Get new patients in your door with free patient care services, such as free test and checks such as blood pressure etc.


Challenge 2: Managing multiple roles

As the owner of a pharmacy, you take on many roles. You’re in charge of managing finances, managing stock and being a leader to your pharmacy staff. But taking on too many jobs can lead to stress, tiredness or job burnout.

You can manage this by delegating some of the pressure to your team of employees. Even just taking a short break during the day can ease your mind and help you work more effectively.


Challenge 3: Venture to new technology

If you own one of those old school type of pharmacies, where every record is stored manually on books or on excel sheets then don’t be afraid to venture into new technology. It is always tiring and frustrating to go through a pile of sheets looking for records. There are many pharmacy management softwares in Kenya but the most affordable and easy to use in Kenya for community pharmacies is the PharmacyPlusPos. They have a 14 day trial so you can download and see if it suits your needs, if not you have nothing to lose 😉


Challenge 4: Managing your staff

Employees are your most valuable assets, and are key to improving your business and increasing profits. Like yourself, even your employees may feel the effects of stress or job burnout.

Empowering your employees and working to create a comfortable, positive and supportive work environment will help improve your pharmacy business. Boost employee morale and productivity by providing recognition or rewards. Taking steps to promote a positive work environment will keep both you and your pharmacy staff happy.


Written By Adams Mutua

Pharmaceutical Business Consultant in Kenya