Competition analysis – How to do it effectively

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Competition analysis – How to do it effectively

Taking a sneak peek at competitors requires a little undercover work from the safety of your desk, and we are not talking about corporate espionage or anything. As fellow digital natives, I feel it’d be great idea to share my favorite competitive marketing analysis tools. We love marketing tool compilations, don’t we?

Dig their keyword prioritization

Dissect what your rivals are targeting and why. Look for those hidden keyword prioritization patterns and compare with yours. Dig deep and improvise to beat the rival opposition at their game. Keywords can be identified and worked using SEMRushSuggestMtrxUbersuggestor SEOchat, amongst others.

Breakdown competition’s rankings

Something very important for in-depth comparison and easy to monitor. My favorite tools for the purpose are Authority labsSERPsPositionly, for their comprehensive filters and direct comparison.

Monitor their online reputation and visibility on search engines

It gets difficult if the competition works globally and you don’t. Other than that, reputation can be monitored with some brilliant tools like MOZ ToolbarSERP overlay view, OpenSiteExplorerCognitiveSEOand MajesticSEO, for simple link data analysis and customizable reports.


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