How to Create Facebook campaigns in Kenya

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Now that you have your Facebook business page up and running we need to create your first Facebook campaign in 3 easy goals. People take different approaches to advertising, so you can use these tools to create your ads:

So today we will only focus on Ads manager and how to create a campaign. Your Facebook ad needs 3 parts to run: a campaign, ad set and ad. All these parts make up what’s called the campaign structure. Knowing how they work together will help your ads run the way you want, and reach the right people.

You set the advertising objective at the campaign level. Here you decide the end goal for your ads, like driving more likes to your Page. As your business grows, your campaign goals change. First, your campaigns may focus on building awareness and acquiring new customers. Later, you may encourage people to make a purchase or sign up for an event.

First Goal

I want more people to be aware of my business. Increasing brand awareness is about telling people what makes your business valuable.

In this example, mama mboga wants to create a campaign that highlights her fresh, organic produce to people in the local area. She wants people to understand the overall value of mama mboga’s kiosk over any other similar kiosk in the area.

Brand awareness objectives:

  • Reach (Reach people near your business): Show your ad to people who live nearby or in the general area of your local business. If mama mboga lives in machakos, she should set her reach to people of machakos town.
  • Engagement (Boost your posts): Reach as many people as possible and drive engagement with your ad.

Second goal

I want to find potential customers. Look for ways to get people interested in your product or service, such as sign-ups for your newsletters or local events for your business.

In this example, mama mboga wants to attract people to their new grocery delivery service. She wants to create a lead ad so that people can sign up for notification of their delivery service and host a launch event where she’ll give attendees 20% off their order.

Finding potential customers objectives:

  • Conversions (Increase conversions on your website): Create ads that encourage people to visit your business website. Mama Mboga can post fresh produce discounts coupons for those willing to get a discount on her local kiosk.
  • Lead generation (Collect leads for your business): Create ads that collect info from people, including sign-ups for newsletters. People can fill in their personal information (emails, name and phone number) before collecting their coupon codes from mama mboga’s website.
  • Engagement (Raise attendance at your event): Create ads that promote your events. Mama Mboga can create an ad for giving a discount of 20% off on all purchases at the event.


Third Goal

I want to drive sales for my products or services. Tracking how many people saw your ad, and then actually went and purchased the product you were advertising is an important way to measure campaign success.

In this example, mama mboga wants people to download her app and make an order for delivery. To encourage people, mama mboga offers ksh1000/= off the first order from her delivery service.

Complementary advertising objectives:

  • Engagement (Get people to claim your offer): Create ads with a coupon, discount or other special deals. Mama Mboga can post fresh produce discounts coupons for those willing to get a discount on her fresh produce.
  • App installs (Get installs of your app): Get people to install your mobile app. mama mboga can get her website visitors to download her app.
  • Conversions (Increase engagement in your app): Encourage existing app users to interact with your app. Mama mboga can encourage her users to ask any questions about her products and services in order for her foster an excellent business transaction with her clients.  


As you can see, making Facebook campaigns isn’t rocket science. This blog gives you everything that you need to get started today, in less than 10 minutes.

You know how to set up your first campaign. How will you use this new knowledge? Let me know the headline of your first ad and what you’re hoping to achieve with your first campaign. Incase you have any difficulty or you need assistance just visit our social media support page