How to Target your Audience using Facebook Ads in Kenya

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The Stats of Facebook advertising globally

The good news is that Facebook dominates social media growth in Kenya. The bad news? Most businesses are not leveraging on this great resource to up their sales.Click this link to see how businesses are leveraging on Facebook ads. Facebook ads success stories from real businesses with real results.

Digital-advertising industry is growing strongly. Virtually all of that growth is going exactly to two companies: Google and Facebook. Facebook is forecasted to make $33.76 billion in ad revenues in 2017 by The growth is largely attributed to the growing tendency of Facebook consumers turning to their smartphones to look up everything about the company details and social participation. Facebook will continue to benefit from this behavioral shift in Kenyan consumers and worldwide.

Facebook’s revenue growth can be attributed to growth in both usage and time spent (In fact, the average person spends 40 minutes each and every day), which continues to draw advertisers in greater numbers. Instagram is also helping to drive Facebook’s revenue growth. In fact, Instagram will make up 20% of Facebook’s mobile revenue this year, up from 15% last year.

In Kenya

Kenyans has 2.51 million daily users out of 5.3 million People from a figure of 1.59 billion Facebook users worldwide. Facebook was right to continue focusing on mobile since most people login to the site through that channel. In Kenya, 5 million people login on Facebook via mobile which translates to a massive 96% of the active user base in the country.

With this huge numbers in Kenya, companies want their clicks to be from qualified, relevant leads that are likely to convert. This poses a simple but extremely important question: How can you get more clicks on your Kenyan Facebook Ads? I’ll cover a range of techniques and tactics that worked for me personally. These should not only help you get more clicks but ensure that you ultimately get a solid conversion rate as well.

How to Target your demographic using Facebook Ads 

Facebook’s reach is ridiculous. You have a population on all walks of life logging in every day. So, it’s imperative that you narrow your audience down so that your ads are being displayed to the right people. This is done by being super-specific with the demographic you target and letting Facebook know exactly who it is you’re trying to reach. Fortunately, Facebook makes this fairly easy to do.

It’s just a matter of targeting users based on factors like location, interests, age group, gender and so on.

Here’s what you want to do. After you’ve created a campaign and an ad account in Ads Manager, you’ll get to the third step: your Ad Set.

This is where you’ll see this screen.

The Process

Scroll down just a bit, and you’ll get to the “Audience” section. This is where you “define your audience, budget, and schedule. “Let’s say there’s a small, bakery shop in Nairobi.

The first thing you want to do is choose your location and create a radius to ensure that your ads are only being displayed right in and around greater Nairobi. To do this, you would enter “Nairobi” in the “Add locations” box.

Next, you’ll want to pick the right radius. The default setting is +25 miles, but you can change that by clicking on +25mi. If you want to adjust the radius, just click on the +25miles box to change according to your own business specifications.

Next, you’ll want to select the right age group for your demographic. The default setting is 18 – 65, but you can adjust this as well. If you’re only targeting a certain gender, you can opt for either men or women under the “Gender” section.The “Languages” section beneath this is pretty self-explanatory.

The area that you really need to pay close attention to is “Detailed Targeting.” You’ll want to carefully think this through and include a hyper-specific audience.You can either manually enter a demographic, interest, or behavior or let Facebook help you find the best criteria. Since our example is a bakery shop, I will choose interests like bread, cookies, cakes, pastries, pies and food.

Note that Facebook will automatically give you other ideas based on whatever term you enter. Just choose whatever is most relevant to your audience.

Exclude Certain Audiences

Like in Google AdWords where there are negative keywords, you can narrow your demographic by excluding certain people.Simply click on “Exclude People” or “Narrow Audience.” Let’s say that I wanted to exclude people who are looking to research or buy actual Bakery Machines, Bakery Equipment and Bakery Ovens. I would enter those in “Exclude People.”The bottom line here is to be extra thorough when identifying your demographic. Not only will this help you increase your CTR, it should increase your conversion rate for a better overall ROI.

Next Steps

Stay tuned for the next episode on how to setup your campaign. Or if you are tired of all these steps visit our social media help desk.