A Modern intuitive Hospital Information Management System for Africa

The Best Hospital Information Management System in Kenya 

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The Best Hospital Information Management System in Kenya

Hospital Information Management Systems (HIMS) in Kenya and Africa continue to face considerable challenges in providing high-quality, affordable and easily accessible services to Africa’s health practitioners.The bottom line is that, although there exist Hospital Information Management Systems in the market, there is a need for a simple intuitive and cost effective software for often resource resource constrained health facilities.

At Magnum we’ve embraced new technology and built Hospitaliplus to solve Kenya’s and African Hospital Information Management  challenge.  We believe building software for the developing world is about, embracing the realities of lower-resource settings such as lack of internet as a driver – rather than a constraint – for innovation.


Release of Hospitali Plus

Magnum is proud to announce the release of our first software Hospitaliplus 1.0. We launched the Hospitaliplus project this year derived and inspired by the open source movement.

As of August of 2017, we have deployed the system in 3 Major Hospitals and are receiving great reviews and overwhelming requests to do so in other hospitals due to the intuitive and simple nature of the system. You can as well talk to us via 0721733354 today.


The Hospitali Plus Story

The software is inspired by the challenges clinicians go through when they are digging through boxes of medical records, often losing valuable time and energy, trying to assign new patients to new charts, asking patients to shuffle their medical records through the queues, and sometimes losing track of who had what data in their clinics. Wasting precious time and effort!


Patient Module of the Hospitali Plus Hospital Information Management System

The patient module manages all information regarding the outpatient and inpatient activity of patients visiting the facility.  It’s makes it easy to manage information regarding a new patient or previous patients.

It also shows you all the visits the patient has done since registering in the hospital eliminating the manual records. It includes the date, diagnosis, location, type of the visit,  and who discharged the patient. All the current or past medication that has been administered to the patient.

Inventory Module

The application has an inventory module that integrates with all other modules making inventory management a walk in the park. For example; the store manager can input supplies and when the pharmacy dispenses of some medicine there is an upgrade on the inventory level. Other authorized users can also make interactions with the inventory to have a synchronized inventory management system. This module includes a re-order point which triggers an action to replenish that particular inventory stock.

Cloud and Remote Access

This system enables the users to have backup for their data in an optional Cloud storage unit. It automatically backs up and centralizes all your content in a local and online system. If there is a breach of security or loss of data there is an optional remote backup.

Other Functionalities

Pharmacy roles

Imaging roles

and Lab roles

Billing Module

The Billing module monitors and records all the transactions happening in the facility hence saving the hospital lots of money that may be lost via fraud.

The application also allows you to prepare invoices under the billing module and also print ledgers and reports (outpatient department and discharge reports). The system administrator gets the summary of everything happening in the hospital on any particular day, week month or year.


What Problems Does The Product Solve?

  • Scalability

The software can work at any level . From a pharmacy, clinic to a big health facility.

  • Offline Enabled

Hospitaliplus is designed to allow records to be accessed  whether there is lack of internet or if you are out there in the field. It works when there is server or not, and syncs when there is.

  • Intuitive

Hospitaliplus is focused on great user experiences for clinicians and admins. Its very user-friendly (arguably the most user-friendly Hospital Information Management System in Kenya that exists).

  • Saves Time

Hospitaliplus features are optimized for the one resource we can’t make more of; people’s time.

It finally, not only focuses on patient care and electronic medical records but how to manage the business of running a hospital.

Get involved

Hospitaliplus holds a tremendous opportunity to partner with clinics, Hospitals, NGO, government, and tech sectors in a problem that has mutual interest and benefit. It’s almost as if, by working together we just might have a fighting chance of changing the health information ecosystem.

Hospitaliplus is currently available for installation in any part of Kenya. Call us at 0721733354 for more information.