Magnum; The Why?

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The Why?

The why is a personal story!

Why Magnum? Why offer the services that you do? What drives us?

On a hot summer afternoon, I was sitting on the roof top of my dorm building. From oblivion in Kenya, I was sitting pretty on top of the world! I had made it!

A year back I had been accepted to the most prestigious research institute in the world! I had secured funding for the next 4 years of my Ph.D. and the world was mine for the taking.

But I felt empty! Wait what! Are you kidding me? Those are the same questions I asked myself? The same questions my supervisors asked me! Was I kidding, was I ungrateful? How spoilt was I to say that I “felt empty”?

I had to suck up and appreciate what I had and stick to it.

The problem was I couldn’t! Deep inside I thought of the challenges facing Africa and the simple solutions that lied along my path, but for which I was too busy pursuing personal interests that I couldn’t be bothered.

The society that had sacrificed so much for me watched as I drifted into the ivory towers of academia. This particular afternoon though the chicken had come home to really roost. I was at crossroads; to continue pursuing the dream that the society had well orchestrated for me, or go back to my first love technology. I had increasingly realized the great potential of technology to solve pertinent issues in Africa whereas as well providing quality and dignified jobs for the continent now tech savvy and bright minds. I had a choice to make and to chose I did.

The fact that you are reading this tells you the path that I chose and the mission of Magnum. We have released three services Magnum Films, Swift media, and Conference Services and will soon be rolling out products for different sectors of the East African economy.

Our goal is to provide quality, innovative and disruptive services driven by young talented Africans. Let’s achieve this dream together.

This article was written by:

Njoroge wa Chege Ph.D. (ABD)

Founder and Creative Director

Magnum Digital Media Company Limited

*ABD- Means All But Dissertation or Fancy word for a Ph.D. dropout 😀

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