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Revolutionary, user-friendly hospital software
for the developing world


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In an attempt to ensure it's widespread use and revolutionalize how developing countries handle healthcare. The software is priced at a reasonable pricing point 



Hospitali Plus is focused on great user experiences for clinicians, admins and all the users of the system


It can be scaled from a local environment to large production environment with no lag/hanging due to the node.js based technology behind its rendering engine

Time Saver

Hospitali Plus features are optimized for the one resource scarce in developing countries hospitals. Time!

Offline First

Intermittent Internet connectivity or lack thereof is a challenge in East Africa. The software is designed to be offline first to ensure smooth running of the system with or without internet

For East Africa

Hospitali Plus is built to provide the most modern hospital information system possible to the least resourced environments.

Our Packages

small Clinics

  • Free Test Installation

medium facility

  • Free Test Installation
  • Configuration
  • Customization, Infrastructure
    Upgrade and Networking
  • User Profile Creation
  • Training & Documentation
  • Historical Data Imports
  • Backup & Maintenance


  • Installation, Configuration & Customization
  • User Profiles & Training
  • Networking
  • Historical Data Imports
  • Backup & Maintenance

"Hospitali Plus has revolutionalized the way we manage our facility. I would recommend this software to any hospital that wants to operate effectively in the 21st century"

~ Paul Wamae, Hospital Admin  

  Bethseda Mission Hospital



About us

Hospitali Plus is a subsidiary of the Magnum Digital Media Company Limited via the Magnum Softwares Division

Our mission

To give affordable world-class healthcare management tools to the least resourced environments