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Why you Should Stop using Manual Files for Patient Record Management

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Why you Should Stop using Manual Files for Patient Record Management

Handling of Patient information manually in hospitals, clinics or dispensaries is cumbersome, prone to error and lacks privacy.  It is basically considered poor Patient Record Management. Anyone can pick a file and access patient information without their consent. Further the data can easily be destroyed for example in fire or other natural or artificial incidences. Retrieving specific information can also be a nightmare for your already busy and overstretched staff. Here are a few points on proper Patient Record Management.

Electronic Medical Records System for Patient Record Management

Having a Digital Electronic Medical Records or  Hospital  Information Management System enables you to accurately and securely store and retrieve patient data. In some instances the speed, accuracy and efficiency within which this data is retrieved can be the difference between life and death for some patients. The saga at the Kenyatta National Hospital is a good example of what can happen if there is information breakdown.

Patient Record Management System Cost

Traditionally the cost of EMR/HIMS systems has been prohibitive for smaller hospitals, clinics and dispensaries. They were considered out of the reach of smaller health facilities. However with the advent of new technology products such as Hospitali Plus in the Kenyan Market  are robust enough for patient as well as Hospital management. It is also easy to use and affordable for the average “Joe” running a health facility.You can interact with the team at Hospitali Plus on 0721733354 and get to see how your facility can benefit from better Patient Record Management.

Good Patient Records Management System

Proper patient record management involves giving a unique id to every patient and storage of patient details in a way they can be easily retrieved for future use.It is also useful to have an appointment system that assigns patients to doctors, a pharmacy, imaging/radiology and billing modules at the very least. Good Systems should store patients in a well protected manner and  process it fast and  accurately where need be.

Written By Karanja Mungai

Hospital Management Information Systems Consultant in Kenya