pharmacy inventory control using technology

Pharmacy Inventory Control Using Technology

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Pharmacy Inventory Control is key for pharmacists. Everyday, new drugs and their brand variants are introduced to the market. Pharmacists have to adapt new methods to ensure that whatever they stock is up to date and safe. An effective inventory control strategy  is centered around the use of technology and curtails significant stock loss.

1. Pharmacy Inventory Control using Technology

Today, computers have become a part of life, it is evident that technology has made things easier and faster. Particularly in pharmacies, daily transactions and sales that were done on paper are now being phased out. Modern pharmacies are now operating at a great pace striving to serve as many customers as possible with the least effort using computers.


2. Pharmacy Management Systems

To use a pharmacy management system for effective inventory control. Drugs need to be coded in such a way that every drug has its own unique code that matches its name. This is part of good inventory management.

Barcode Scanners can then be used to read the code of the drugs easing the process of entering and selling.

One of the systems with good inventory tracking movement in the Kenyan market that I recommend is the PharmacyPlusPOS. They have a 14 day free trial so take advantage to see if it fits your needs, if not you have nothing to lose ;-).

Their expiry tracking system can help you track those expired drugs easily. You could get their cheaper smaller version if you have a small pharmacy, or their extended system with more functionalities if you have a bigger and busier pharmacy.

It is estimated that pharmacy management systems can provide a return on investment in 3- 6 months.


Pharmacies need a closed circuit television (CCTV) to ensure that stock is safely guarded and loss is minimized. This safeguards against internal or external loss of pharmacy inventory stock.

CCTV cameras can be places in strategic points in pharmacies and the display screen monitored regularly by the control staff. They can act as crucial leads in investigations in the unlikely event of robbery of your pharmacy.

So embrace technology to improve your pharmacy inventory control and your pharmacy will thank you in profitability!

Written By Adams Mutua

Pharmaceutical Business Consultant in Kenya