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4 Ways to Increase Non-Prescription Pharmacy Sales in your Retail Pharmacy

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4 Ways to Increase Non-Prescription Pharmacy Sales in your Retail Pharmacy

Non-prescription pharmacy sales can be an important source of revenue and maximize your retail pharmacy returns. They are just as important as selling prescribed medications. Here are four ways to entice customers to make non-prescription pharmacy sales.


1. Train Your Team to sell related products also know as (Cross-Selling and Upselling)

Your pharmacy staff is your most important asset. They should be able to recommend alternative or complementary products. Make sure they are trained enough to be able to recognize and give correct suggestions to customers.


2. Build Strong Customer Relationships

Your staff should create an atmosphere of comfort and trust for Consumers who frequent to buy non-prescription pharmacy sales. So be sure to train them to engage with customers and establish personal relationships whenever possible. They should be able to recognize repeat customers, greet them by their first name or ask questions about their families, work or their interests. Everyone appreciates a personal touch.


3. Stock Related Products Closely

Knowing how products relate to each other can help your pharmacy increase non-prescription retail sales. For example, customers with a cold might be looking for a box of tissues. Display related products next to each other, so that customers can easily find related products that can alleviate their challenges. This is also good Pharmacy Stock Management practice.

4. Serve repeat customers quickly

Repeat Customers appreciate being served promptly. A Pharmacy Management System such as a Pharmacy Point of Sale can assist you group prescription and non-prescription drugs properly. Then you can easily search, dispense and sell to your customers faster.  There are many products in the market some expensive or difficult to use but my recommendation in the Kenyan market now is the PharmacyPlusPos pharmacy management system. They have a 14 day free trial so take advantage to see if it fits your needs, if it doesn’t you have nothing to lose 😉


Written By Adams Mutua

Pharmaceutical Business Consultant in Kenya