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4 ways to reduce theft in your Pharmacy by Employees

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Theft in the pharmaceutical industry is rife in Kenya. But for small retail pharmacies, this can be a leading loss of revenue. Developing a program to manage theft before it happens can help more than being reactive to theft losses when they occur.


1. Get to know your employees.

A happy employee is a more honest employee. It really does help reduce employee theft when your staff feels that you care. It’s much easier to steal from someone you don’t know very well, but it is much harder to steal from someone with whom you have a relationship. Connecting with your employees and being aware if they are going through financial difficulties or experiencing high levels of stress, can help avert stealing. You might be able to give them extra work to earn an extra buck so that the urge to steal from you to survive is eliminated.


2. Monitor trash removal

Some cheeky Employees often steal merchandise by concealing it in the outgoing trash and then retrieving it later. No one wants to deal with trash, so dishonest employees will often take advantage of this opportunity.


3. Invest in a Pharmacy Management System

Pharmacy management systems enable you to track the movement of stock and is an element of good inventory management. Any discrepancies means someone has been doing something fishy. You can use information from the system as evidence of missing stock. Some of the systems with good inventory tracking movement in the Kenyan market include PharmacyPlusPOS. They have a 14 day free trial so take advantage to see if it fits your needs, if not you have nothing to lose 😉

4. Have fellow employees watch out for you

If you have several employees set up a confidential way for employees to communicate suspicious behavior, and offer a reward for staff members who provide information to prevent thefts. You could set up an email address for tips or a suggestion box . If people know that their fellow co-workers are watching out for theft, they will think twice before stealing because there are higher odds they will be caught.


Written By Adams Mutua

Pharmaceutical Business Consultant in Kenya